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It is not just professionalism and expertise that set our local Ohio insurance agents and staff apart. They also have a strong commitment to a public service mission, to the quality of their work, the local Massillon and Canton communities, and to the clients they serve. Loyalty and relationships link our staff and, in turn, link staff to clients.

Name: Mary C. Biller
Position: Commercial Lines CSR - Alliance Office
Years Experience: 8
Office Phone: (330)823-2283 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Jim Crookshank
Position: Property and Casualty Agent – Alliance office
Years Experience: 35
Professional Designations: CIC—Certified Insurance Counselor
Education: Kent State University- BA, 1975
Office Phone: (330)823-2283 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Lisa M. Davis
Position: Personal Lines CSR - Alliance Office
Years Experience: 18
Office Phone: (330)823-2283 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Deborah Frustos
Position: Personal Lines agent and CSR-Alliance office
Years Experience: 36
Office Phone: (330)823-1020 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Brad Goris
Position: Vice President, P & C agent-Alliance office
Years Experience: 39
Education: BA, Central Michigan Univ.
Office Phone: (330)823-1020 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Cathy Gross
Position: Personal Lines agent and CSR- Alliance office
Years Experience: 19
Office Phone: (330)823-1020 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Jane Heitger
Position: Claims specialist
Years Experience: 40
Name: Diane Hilliard
Position: CSR, P & C agent
Years Experience: 15
Education: Stark State, Walsh Univ.
Name: Heather Horvath
Position: Commercial/Personal Lines CSR
Years Experience: 15
Education: Stark State, Walsh Univ.
Name: Debbie Krug
Position: Agent / CSR Health – Alliance office
Years Experience: 16
Education: Columbus Business University
Office Phone: (330)823-2283 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Colleen Lanzer
Position: CSR/Personal Lines Agent – Alliance Office
Years Experience: 16
Office Phone: (330)823-2283 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Mike Marino
Position: Benefits Consultant & Dept. Manager
Years Experience: 22
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance; Bowling Green State University
Office Phone: (330)832-7411 x121 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Mark McAfee
Position: Vice President- P & C Agent
Years Experience: 38
Name: Robert Meadows
Position: Treasurer of Corp., P & C agent-Alliance office
Years Experience: 39
Education: BA, Univ. of Cincinnati
Office Phone: (330)823-1020 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Nancy Miday
Position: Office Manager, P & C agent
Years Experience: 43
Name: Shari Middaugh
Position: Employee Benefits Agent
Years Experience: 30
Professional Designations: ACSR, CPIW
Education: Associates degree – Stark State
Name: Mike Miller
Position: Life insurance & Annuities
Years Experience: 15
Education: BA, University of Dayton
Name: Nick Mossides
Position: P & C agent
Years Experience: 20
Education: BA, Muskingum College
Name: Judy Neman
Position: Employee Benefits Sales & Service
Years Experience: 32
Name: Lorie Pedro
Position: Commercial and Personal lines agent
Years Experience: 16
Name: Jennifer Roknich
Position: Commercial Lines & Medical Malpractice Agent – Alliance Office
Years Experience: 12
Office Phone: (330)823-2283 Fax: (330)823-1399
Name: Faye Roller
Position: Secretary/Receptionist – Alliance office
Name: Liz Salmon
Position: Commercial Lines Agent
Years Experience: 55
Name: Frank Sauser
Position: Secretary of Corp., Personal & Commercial lines agent
Years Experience: 40
Education: Walsh College
Name: Barb Schumacher
Position: Employee Benefits Agent - Group & Individual
Years Experience: 30
Education: The American College
Name: Veronica Swinehart
Position: Commercial CSR/Accounting
Years Experience: 23

Name: Douglas Weatherbee
Position: President
Years Experience: 27
Education: Bachelor of Arts, Kent State Univ.

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